Bipolar switch 16A-250V compatible Living International

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Living International compatible bipolar switch 16A-250V

The bipolar switch consists of two poles. Its function is to interrupt both lines of the current: the phase and the neutral. In fact, on the back it has four terminals, two for input and two for output, unlike the simple single-pole switch which has only two terminals.
It is particularly suitable for the use of household appliances for which it is preferable to completely separate the flow from the mains when they are not used or to control a socket, the so-called “controlled socket”.
A bipolar switch can also be recognized by the presence of two 0/1 symbols on the front to indicate its status: on (1) or off (0). Using this fruit, therefore, the on / off function is obtained.
The switch perfectly replaces the original product with code AM5011 and it will be possible to install it without any problem.


  • Operating voltage: 250V
  • Maximum current: 16A
  • White color
  • Material: plastic
  • Compatible Btcino Matix
  • EAN number: 6970597464469
  • Manufacturer code: 802B / Mtx
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